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SALONI Celebrated the Holiday Season with a Festive Dinner at the beautiful Haw Par Music Mansion 

Saloni Lodha and dinner co-host, Victoria Tang-Owen (founder of Thirty-Thirty Creative), invited old and new friends to celebrate the holiday season in one of Hong Kong’s most iconic heritage sites, the Haw Par Music Mansion. The mansion, tucked away along Hong Kong’s Tai Hang Road, is one of the few surviving specimens of eclectic Chinese architecture in the city, and an invaluable heritage site.

Saloni Lodha reflects, “I need to feel inspired by a home or setting where we can create magic. I stumbled upon a beautiful photo of the unique Haw Par Mansion recently and knew I had found my special venue that captures the heritage and magic of Hong Kong.”

The celebration kicked off with a rooftop cocktail overlooking a stunning view of the city, followed by dinner in the main hall infused with a signature SALONI touch. Spirited ornaments, florals and tableware in vibrant colours and custom prints playfully complemented the hall’s floor-to-ceiling stain glass windows depicting traditional bamboo groves, tigers and birds.

After Lodha’s seven years living in Hong Kong, the evening also marked her farewell as she makes her transition to Bangkok. She remarks, “I am very sad to be leaving Hong Kong. This has been my home and will forever have a special place in my heart. What a beautiful way to say goodbye to the city I love. A new chapter now begins in Thailand. ”


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A starry night in London


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