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At SALONI we are constantly thinking about the ways that we as a brand can contribute to a more sustainable world and a far kinder fashion industry.

We believe that sustainability is inseparable from how we create and produce our garments and in turn, how customers choose to buy, store and enjoy SALONI pieces. The more we design garments to be forever-wardrobe investment pieces, the more our customers are empowered to make mindful decisions about how they consume clothing.

After-all, clothes are a second-skin, an intimate part of how we move through and communicate with the world around us. They are also a powerful way in which we can make small individual choices that add up to huge collective impacts on communities and the environment in more positive and life-affirming ways.

In short, how we purchase, emotionally connect with and look after our clothes is a microcosm of our relationship to the planet. Hence when we speak of how to care for SALONI pieces, we are mindful of how investment and longevity are paramount.

Caring well for your SALONI piece will extend its life and ensure you can enjoy it for many years to come. Our pieces are designed to be timeless and are made from high quality, long-lasting fabrics. When you properly store a SALONI piece away, the garment will still feel as desirable and relevant as the day it was purchased.

On a practical level, how we hang and store our clothes is vital, especially when it comes to the quality silks used at SALONI. We recommend that you always hang your precious silk pieces on non-slip velvet padded hangers which softly hold the silk without allowing it to slip off.

Moths like to munch on silk so protecting your pieces from them is vital. While your silk garments are hung in wardrobes, you can use natural moth repellents replaced frequently to maintain their effect. When you are not going to wear the piece for a while have it professionally laundered and store in clean cloth bags packed into cloth boxes in a dry part of the house. Avoid using plastic bags or boxes as these can trap moisture.

Because silk is delicate we recommend you use an environmentally conscious dry cleaner. There are an increasing number who offer artisanal process of cleaning using biodegradable, non-toxic detergents instead of the toxic and potentially carcinogenic PERC used by traditional dry cleaners.

It’s a good idea to invest in re-cycled hangers and reusable hanging garment bags and ask your dry cleaner to only return your pieces to you in these. Not only will this protect your garment at home, this also helps reduce plastic waste in the garment cleaning industry.

We also highly recommend steamy sessions…with your garments that is! In actuality, steaming is easier and kinder on silk than ironing. Steam cleaning removes odor-creating bacteria and allergens. Rather than automatically sending a lightly worn piece for dry cleaning, careful steaming can often re-freshen it more than sufficiently for another wear.

We hope that you will want to keep and treasure your SALONI piece for ever, but there may be times when you want to part with a piece and allow someone else to enjoy it. We are excited to see a growing number of websites and small independent stores that specialise in pre-loved luxury resale. Precious silk pieces, thoughtfully designed and made to the highest quality standards can have many lives when resold on luxury resale platforms.

There are also a growing number of organised clothes swaps where you can meet and exchange pieces with the goal of buying less and reducing waste in the fashion system. These provide a way to extend the life of clothes in a fun and sociable setting.

We pride ourselves on being a brand where family members such as mothers and daughters often share favourite SALONI pieces with one another. If resale or swapping aren’t your thing, consider gifting the piece to a loved one you know it will share new adventures with.

We develop all our beautiful prints in-house and all our exquisite jacquards are woven in small bespoke batches by artisanal family-run mills using traditional weaving methods in China and Italy. To combat waste (a huge issue in the fashion industry) we only ever produce limited batches of textiles where every last metre is used in creating SALONI collections.

At the heart of SALONI are the SHAPES which offer a way to purchase clothes as classic, trans-seasonal pieces that can be worn repeatedly. We aren’t about trends but timelessness, creating quality pieces that customers will wear over and over, clothes they will cherish and create special memories in.

We believe this contributes to a more sustainable fashion system and gives the customer a uniquely made, limited edition garment that can be treasured and become part of their own special memories.

Silk is a precious textile and should be considered an investment. Buying less and buying better are two key facets in changing our relationship to waste and excess in fashion.

By buying more mindfully and cherishing your garments for many years you will be caring well for your clothes at the same time as contributing to a more sustainable relationship between fashion and the environment.


Isabel Dress in Sorrel Star print

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Lea Long Lace Dress in Citrine

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Vicki Braid Dress in Lark

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Lea Long Dress in Fresh Lupins print

4.600,00 lei


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