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November 2020

SALONI x Rangsutra


 SALONI collaborated with Rangsutra’s artisans to upcycle leftover SALONI fabrics into one-of-a-kind ‘ralli’ quilts to create employment and to further empower women artisans.

Rangsutra is owned by a community of over two thousand artisans across rural India. It acts as a bridge between these rural artisans and global consumers by helping to develop sustainable livelihoods. We share the same belief as Rangsutra that these communities of artisans, particularly women, deserve fair economic opportunities as a reward for keeping alive the rich tradition of their craftsmanship in a rapidly changing world.

Traditionally made for home use from up-cycled fabric, ralli designs are especially festive. When the quilt is made as a wedding present the sewing is accompanied by singing and story telling. The term ralli comes from the local word ‘ralanna’ meaning ‘to mix or connect’, reflecting the patchwork technique used to make these quilts.

For this collaboration it was beautiful to see how Rangsutra’s inhouse team with the artisans used their unique sense of design and colour to play with the prints for the rallis.

Email us at customercare@salonilondon.com to learn more about this project.


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