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The Spring '22 collection embraces vibrant colour and is true to the SALONI ethos of effortless elegance and living life in joyous hues. 

The image evoke the warm embrace of Spring days, of togetherness and airy freedom. Hemy recounts,

"A special moment was when Phoebe, the producer, put the blooms for the flower portraits into warm water; it's a trick that quickly opens them into a more interesting shape."

It's an anecdote about the process of image-making that feels metaphorical for the collection as a whole.

Slip into one of the sumptuous floral-print silk dresses and feel transformed by the elegant silhouettes, the sense of gently warm sunshine, of flowers blossoming, and all of Spring's association with renewal.

The SALONI design team's bespoke prints for this season draws on a kaleidoscope of inspirations. These include William Morris archival prints, Japanese Shibori, and woven Ikat's rhythmic patterns. A rainbow of deep, warm colours blossom and dance across the collection, lending visual sophistication and harmony through the elegant playfulness at the heart of SALONI's classic shapes such as The TILLY, The ISA, The LEA or The GRACE.

Hemy adds that he likes to tell stories through saturated colour, taking inspiration from the painters such as abstract expressionists Cy Twombly or Lee Krasner.

"I love to embrace a celebration of colour through my work, using it to elevate the viewer to another place, to a sense of being in a completely different destination."

This sense of being transported through colour is evident too in the collection. For example, in the SALONI classic shape, The TILLY here is reimagined as a sleeveless midi-dress in a delicious berry print inspired by the mesmerising patterns of traditional woven ikat.

If the TILLY answers the puzzle of how to dress with ease but elegance, so too does The LEA Long dress in an Opal trellis print, with its dream-like placement of flowers artfully climbing a trellis of Japanese shibori-inspired borders, in a gentle palette of pink, white and blue.

For the versatility of a piece that can go from daytime brunch to evening dinner, The ISA ruffle dress in Noir Adorning print provides visual fireworks with its whorls of sepia, cobalt and vermillion florals on a sophisticated black background.

The collection encourages the wearer to blossom into Spring with its colour-inspired prints and transformative shapes.


Colette Long Dress in Noir Adorning Check print



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A starry night in London


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