At the end of October 2022, SALONI took over restaurant 100Mahaseth, in Bangkok and held a dinner in honour of artist Jitish Kallat, one of the most prominent figures of the contemporary Indian art scene. In his practice as an artist and curator, Jitesh works in multiple mediums, from painting to video and mixed media installations, sculpture and drawing, often taking a poetic look at the altered relationship between nature and culture.

The dinner marked Jitesh’s participation in BAB - the Bangkok Biennale of Art, which featured 73 artists in 20 heritage and commercial spaces across Bangkok this year. The Biennale’s theme was CHAOS: CALM, focusing on weaving the ancient with the contemporary, as well as East and West, in search of a new artistic order.

Co-curator of the 2022 BAB Loredana Pazzini-Paracciani reflected that she and Saloni Lodha, founder of SALONI, felt it would be very meaningful to host a dinner for Jitesh. Bringing together different and vibrant energies representing art, fashion and culture.

Whilst arranging the tablescape, Naomi mentioned that the flowers must “talk” to one another across the tables. This felt like an apt metaphor for the Biennale as a whole. By displaying artworks saturated with myth, colour, magic, and a sense of introspection, the Biennale encouraged attendees to look inwards and create deeper, meaningful conversations. As part of this, the SALONI dinner provided a beautiful space to share experiences, knowledge, and wonderful food and to get to know each other where different cultures connect.




Home is where the heart is


SALONI x Rangsutra


Dressing up for the family holidays


Salone di Saloni

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