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BIANCA was created soon after the LEA. You can spot the shared DNA in the BIANCA’s balanced proportions and the perfection with which the fabric is cut on the bias, making it glide freely around the body.

BIANCA is a dress for all generations. It’s multi-faceted character derives from a round high neckline which balances the sleek proportions, a gently puffed and smocking detail sleeve accompanies a slightly nipped in waist.

As Saloni reflects “the more versatile a dress is, the more it’s likely to be worn. The fashion cycle demands new styles each season, but we never do a “dress of the moment”, we never follow trends. We make dresses that are classic, feminine pieces which become inseparable from the cherished memories of the occasions they were worn.”

Saloni works tirelessly to refine and perfect shapes that will always be there for the wearer, she explains “My team always worries when I hold scissors in design meetings! I am constantly turning dresses back to front, splicing and reworking them.”

As Megan, Saloni’s head of design reveals “we always all try on the new shapes and move around the studio and work in them for a few hours before any final sample is made. That way we can be sure the dress is comfortable and works well no matter what you are doing!”

So here we have it, the BIANCA, a super chic classic dress that always serves up some added drama.



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