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The long elegant ALEXIA is relaxed and summery, its sweeping tiered maxi skirt provides a dramatic foil to the no-fuss sleeves, button-down front detail and mandarin collar.

Many Saloni customers say this is their favourite shape. It will take its wearer anywhere, from summer weddings, all-day lunches, or resort excursions, and on for long evening dinners. At Saloni’s London-based studios the team will obsess over the smallest details, working and reworking samples to achieve the perfect shape. With the ALEXIA says Saloni, the length was really important to get just right. Not too long on the ground so it can be worn with trainers, but long enough that it will just skim the ground when wearing high heels. In addition, the generous skirt fabric is gathered in such a way that it can be worn sheer (over short briefs) in the summer or with a slip in the winter.

Saloni adds “The ALEXIA is an ideal travel companion, it doesn’t crease when rolled up. Take it straight out of the suitcase, put it on and feel dressed up.

It’s the most comfortable dress in the world and if I’m not feeling my best self it’s a sure-fire option. Also, because of the high adjustable waist it took me through nine months of pregnancy until I was forty-one weeks pregnant.”

Devotees of this dress include Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Deepika Padukone and Caroline Issa. The ALEXIA is truly an effortless, versatile and life-long partner, just add trainers or heels!

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