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Everything. Anything. Uptwist Downtwist. Make Believe. No Soul for Sale.

These are just some of the names in the anthology of artworks that textile sculptor Will Cruickshank concocts out of thread and fabric. Underscored by the relationship between material, maker, and machine, his repertoire includes wall hangings, sliced spindles, larger-than-life fuzzy everyday objects; all rendered tactile with the crafty use of surface textures. Another such display of one of Cruickshank’s touch-and-feel-worthy exhibitions was on show at Saloni’s pop-up store launch on October 3, 2019 for 6 weeks. Titled Rotations, the artist’s sapele wood spindles with coloured yarn, spun on potter wheel winders were lit up across the ground floor of the 2-storey shop. Curator and set designer Julia Wagner’s concept behind the unveiling: to set up the store like a cabinet of curiosities. So, for anyone looking into the Sloane Street store, it would be hard not to do a double take of the Rorschach-patterned cobalt blue rug-like contraptions sitting at the window. The cross pollination between fashion and art is a legacied one. And for dressmaker Saloni Lodha, it’s a non-negotiable one, who thinks of fashion as “a means to explore cities and collaborations, gathering creative minds that connect different genres and disciplines”. In Cruickshank, Lodha found her true artistic match. They both share a DIY approach to creativity—mixing patterns, materials and techniques as they go about their individual artistic expressions. For Cruickshank, the shreds of thread in the plaster are a by-product of his wall hangings and the thread itself is recycled, using remnant fibres donated by a school uniform factory. This sustainable approach to bringing something new into the world that patches the past is a grounding principle that also governs Lodha’s work. No collection is considered old season. Her dresses are built to last, her prints are timeless. And, the store comes peppered with old and new, that cohabit in perfect harmony.

edt_img 'Rotations' exhibition
edt_img_05 Saloni Lodha and Millie Mackintosh
Alexia Niedzielski, Saloni Lodha, and Charlotte Dellal


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A starry night in London


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