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"Summer afternoon - summer afternoon ; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English Language."

Henry James in Edith Wharton's

"A Backward Glance", 1934

Recently, SALONI has been reminiscing about summer afternoons and the feeling of being in love for the first time.

The clothes are perfect for day trips and romantic getaways with lovers delighting in each other’s company. Clothes that transport you to another place like a second skin, ready for a lover’s kiss, a sun-soaked afternoon picking flowers or exploring a beautiful old house in the Italian countryside.

SALONI’s creative director Nikhil Mansata and photographer Suleika Muller recreated the mood of first love in a series of atmospheric images of the high summer collection. Who can forget the rapture of first love? The dream-like feeling of magic in the air, when every detail, colour and mood is turned up in full. The excitement of each fleeting glance shared, spins the mind in heady delight.

The eight century Sufi mystic Rabia al Basrshe wrote, ”Without You, my Life, my Love, I would never have wandered across these endless countries.” We refer to it as falling in love because of the sense of the headlong plunge, like diving into the glittering surface of water on a summer’s day. It is transcendent love, which takes us closer to the unknowable that we find in art or poetry, and there is nothing quite like a summer afternoon in nature to invoke this unique emotion.

When you fall in love no mountain is high enough, every song is a message and every sunrise a sign.



A starry night in London

A starry night in London


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