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The secret of the DEVON is in its clever proportions. With its deep v-neck, slim sleeves with a gentle puff at the shoulder and cuff, hourglass body and flowy skirt, this shape is playful and elegant, and fun.

As Saloni says, “At the studio we have many different toiles of elements for the shapes. There are rows of different styles and sizes of ruffles, sleeve pieces, different skirt styles. What we like to do is experiment with different combinations, reworking shapes that customers love by adding new details. It sometimes feels like a jigsaw puzzle, where we’re putting pieces together to make the perfect dress shape.”

The DEVON is one result of this process, its slightly higher waistline has delicate gathers that create definition. A panel below sits over the mid-section down to the hips, and a skirt then flares out finished off by a subtly ruffled hem. The skirt is punctuated with a fold over a ruffled seam that adds subtle drama to the flowy playfulness of this dress.

A perennial favourite, DEVON comes in many different versions, including polka dot devorés and bold prints inspired by Eugene Séguy, an entomologist who turned his expert knowledge of flora and fauna into boldly graphic Art-Deco infused patterns.

There are also embroidered versions of the devoré DEVON, like the luscious lemon-yellow, delicately scattered with gold embroidery inspired by the vintage saris from Bombay’s Crawford market that Saloni collects and treasures. She adds “I always keep in mind my Indian heritage while designing but don’t translate it literally into our clothes. I think the way we celebrate bold colours and patterns is the brand’s way of bringing the spirit of India into the collections.”

When combined with SALONI’s signature prints, the DEVON sparkles with energy. Wear it to infuse your day or evening with the magic of colour.

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