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SALONI X ViBi Venezia:
a long awaited collaboration of artistry,femininity and elegance


At the end of November 2022, SALONI and the Italian shoe brand ViBi Venezia presented a co-branded capsule collection of iconic shoes infused with sophisticated, joyful elegance. ViBi Venezia's velvet Venetian slippers and silk Mary Jane shoes were embellished with SALONI's signature embroidered patches depicting the moon, stars and other constellations drawn from the SALONI holiday '23 collection and handmade in India.

The launch took place at ViBi Venezia's store in Brera, Milan's historical and artsy district, followed by an intimate dinner at Trattoria Torre di Pisa, an institution in Milan since 1959. The Trattoria with its homely atmosphere of paintings, antique pictures, and framed vintage wallpaper samples played the perfect location to host twenty-five women from art, design and media. Everyone was resplendently dressed in key pieces from the SALONI Holiday 23 collection featuring sparkling embroidered bows, stars and crescent moons.

Saloni Lodha, founder of SALONI reflected of the collaboration

"We share the same sensibility of timeless, elegant handmade pieces and a passion for colours and heritage.”

Sisters Viola and Vera Arrivabene Valenti Gonzaga joined forces in 2014 to create ViBi Venetia's slippers. Based on the ancient Venetian "Friulane" tradition, whose rubber soles allowed gondoliers to retain a firm grip while rowing, the shoes have become a staple favourite for customers in the know. Elegant and comfortable, they beautifully complement any outfit on a summer day. The silk, Damascus and velvet versions also make them magnificent shoes for low-key evenings.

The idea was born when Saloni visited Venice for the first time after the long period of lockdown ended. She says

"We share a mutual love for each others products. ViBi Venezia goes beautifully together with SALONI dresses. I have been wearing ViBi Venezia since they launched their collection for any occasion, from travelling to attending events. Likewise, the sisters wore SALONI beautifully on several occasions across the past few years.”

"Collaborating with Saloni came naturally since we are fans of her dresses, and she loves to wear our shoes," Viola and Vera Arrivabene explain. "We are growing our brands in the same direction: creating a strong community of friends of the house and loyal consumers who collect our creations and wear them on different occasions of their everyday life."




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